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Many people today are turning to debt consolidation in order to find some much needed financial relief. Debt consolidation entails combining unsecured debt into one payment. Instead of making your payments each month to multiple creditors, you will make one monthly payment at a lower interest rate. You can save a significant amount of money in interest. One company that offers debt consolidation as a way of getting out of debt is CuraDebt.

curadebt-debt-consolidationCuraDebt provides you will an honest and upfront examination of your debt. You go online to complete an information form regarding your debt. A friendly representative will contact you to review your situation to see if you qualify. You must have $7500 in unsecured debt in order to be eligible for their services. Credit card debt, unsecured loans, and medical bills will be eligible to consolidate. After the negotiations are successful, you will pay the company approximately 20% in fees. You can normally get out of debt anywhere between 2 and 4 years. However, the time will vary according to your specific situation. You will pay an account maintenance fee each month to keep your account up and running.

The website states that navigating the website can be a little confusing. There are several links with no way to get back to the main site. However, the site does have many useful tips about debt relief.

debt-flushAt, the website says that the address at CuraDebt lists Hollywood, Florida as its location, but much of their services are situated in Columbia. In addition, the business will only offer services in a few states.

Overall, the consensus among reviews is that CuraDebt might be able to resolve your debt; but the Better Business Bureau gives it an F, so there are some red flags. Therefore, it does not receive as high of a rating as some other debt relief companies, so make sure you explore your options.