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Good reduction rates


Small monthly fee


Medium minimum debt amount


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Horrible reviews on some watchdog sites


Large fees


Questionable business address


No debt consolidation services – settlement and education only

Debt has become a national crisis in the United States – families have continued to accumulate high amounts of unsecured debt in order to compensate for wage reductions over the past decade. Financial uncertainty has made America’s worries even worse. If you’re one of the people that has been unfortunate enough to rack up large amounts of unsecured debt, you probably worry night and day about how you’ll be able to pay it off. Perhaps you know the amount that you owe is simply too high for you to ever afford. But there are a number of solutions that have emerged to help people in your exact situation.

Many people today are turning to debt consolidation in order to find some much needed financial relief. Debt consolidation entails combining unsecured debt into one payment. Instead of making your payments each month to multiple creditors, you will make one monthly payment at a lower interest rate. You can save a significant amount of money in interest. But to do this you will need to have at least an average credit score.

Debt settlement is another option that is available no matter what credit score you have. With debt settlement, you can reach an agreement with your lender to only pay back a portion of the amount of money that you owe. It’s an amazing way to ensure that you don’t have to pay back all the debt you have accumulated – you’d be surprised at how receptive some lenders are to these agreements. CuraDebt is one of the most popular debt settlement companies on the market, this review will take a look at the services that they offer.


CuraDebt provides you will an honest and upfront examination of your debt. You go online to complete an information form regarding your debt. A friendly representative will contact you to review your situation to see if you qualify. You must have $7,500 in unsecured debt in order to be eligible for their services. Credit card debt, unsecured loans, and medical bills will be eligible to consolidate. After the negotiations are successful, you will pay the company approximately 20% in fees. You can normally get out of debt in anywhere between two and four years – this is the industry standard. However, the time will vary according to your specific situation. You will pay an account maintenance fee each month to keep your account up and running. This will also help you save money for if your lender agrees to a settlement agreement.

Aside from settlement, CuraDebt also offers debt management services for their clients. They want to ensure that you can maintain your financial health after you reach a settlement agreement. If you feel like you need help increasing your financial literacy and learning habits that will prevent you from slipping back into debt, CuraDebt has a number of resources that are a good starting point.


The Critics

One of the most important parts of assessing the viability of a company is understanding what past clients and watchdog groups think of their services. You don’t want to end up working with a provider that has a bad track record – this could result in a lack or results or even fraud. There are many predatory companies operating in the market – they are aiming to take advantage of people who are desperate to escape high interest debt. We’ve looked at online reviews and watchdog groups to determine if CuraDebt is a good company to work with.


Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews, an online review company that researches debt settlement firms, states that navigating the website can be a little confusing. There are several links with no way to get back to the main site. However, the site does have many useful tips about debt relief.


Best Debt Companies

At Best Debt Companies, another online review site, the website says that the address at CuraDebt lists Hollywood, Florida as its location, but much of their services are situated in Columbia. In addition, the business will only offer services in a few states. This seems to be rather odd and may serve as a red flag regarding their practices. You typically want to ensure that addresses and other information is valid.


Better Business Bureau

Overall, the consensus among reviews is that CuraDebt might be able to resolve your debt; but the Better Business Bureau gives it a F, so there are some red flags. To receive a F from the BBB you typically have to be involved in nefarious activity. This means that past customers have most likely complained about fraudulent activity. The BBB is one of the most well respected consumer watchdog groups in the nation, their assessment of the company is something that should be taken seriously.



After reading this review, you’re probably slightly conflicted as to whether or not you should use CuraDebt to relieve you from your debt problems. While they do have decent reduction rates, and their website has a lot of advantages, we can’t say that this should be your number one choice. The reality is that the company has some horrible feedback from past clients, which means that you have a very high chance of having a similar negative experience. The Better Business Bureau is a trustable source and should not be ignored in this type of situation.

As for settlement, you may want to ensure that this is definitely the road you want to take. Debt consolidation is typically the better option if you’re trying to reduce your debt without damaging your credit score. Debt settlement will have a profound short term impact on your credit score which can result in you being denied credit or other forms of finance for the foreseeable future. Regardless, getting out of debt as quickly and cleanly as possible should be your priority – it’s the best way to ensure you have a healthy financial future!