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It is extremely easy to get deep in debt, but it is very difficult to dig your way out of the hole. Millions of people across the country are looking for a way to get financial relief. Credit card bills and unsecured loans are piling up quickly, and no end is in sight. In a serious financial situation, debt consolidation might be a good option.

Consolidation is able to help you reduce the payment complication that currently exists in your life. It also allows you to move all your payments into a single payment and reduce the interest rate that is payable on your debt. This is one of the quickest ways to help your current financial situation, it also doesn’t impact your credit score significantly.

If this isn’t an option for you, there is also debt settlement, which provides you the ability to reach an agreement with your lender to settle your debt. Using a company on your behalf to do this tends to have better results than if you do it solo. One company that offers debt consolidation and settlement is Freedom Debt Relief. We’ll take a look at what they have to offer in this review.


With Freedom Debt Relief, you can consolidate your unsecured debt into one monthly payment. The advantages of debt consolidation include a lower monthly payment, eliminated fees, and a lower interest rate. You can go online to answer a few questions about your debt. A friendly representative will contact you to review your situation. The consultation is free with no obligation. They will go over all your unsecured debt and find the right solution for your needs.

If debt consolidation is best for your financial situation, your Freedom client specialist will review the terms with you and go over your payment schedule. You will give the company the names, addresses and phone numbers of your creditors so the process can begin. You will receive a welcome packet from Freedom, and you will be emailed documents that you will need to sign to enroll in the program.

Once you are enrolled, the Freedom team will establish you a client dashboard in which you can look at all aspects of your account. You can view how your payments are progressing. You will then be on your way to financial freedom. They have a great customer service team on board.

They also offer debt settlement services – this is for those who don’t think consolidation or refinancing will be able to solve their problems. If this is the case, make sure that you’re aware of the consequences of debt settlement. The only downside is that the settlements they reach can often be a bit under the industry standard – you’ll find that they typically only get about 25% of their client’s debt reduced.



There are a lot of financial services companies operating inside the United States. With the large amount of information on the internet it is oftentimes hard to understand who is legitimate and who is not. In addition, you may find it hard to see if a company has a great track record for past performance. Fortunately, there are a number of watchdog groups that track this sort of information. They’re able to help provide a clear picture of the performance of a company.

We’ve done some research and found out how well Freedom Debt Relief has performed with their past customers. If you’d like to see what kind of results we found, check out the information below.


Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the most well known consumer watchdog groups in the country. Not only do they allow customers to review companies that they’ve worked with, but they also provide mediation services to help customers come to agreements with companies after they feel they have been wronged. They are an extremely large organization that has the sole purpose of improving accountability in the economy. The BBB has over 500 confirmed reviews from Freedom Debt Relief, they have an overall rating of 4.8/5 – this is an outstanding track record.


Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is another large consumer watchdog group that has become popular for helping customers assess if companies are good to work with. They have a huge database of different companies that they have collected data on. They’re considered one of the best resources for determining the strength of a company. Consumer affairs has an even larger database of reviews on Freedom Debt Relief – they’ve scored them at a 4.5/5 – another great score that proves the company performs well for its client base.



Freedom has helped millions of people get out of debt. It is a well-respected company that has established itself as one of the best in the country. The company is experienced in working with your creditors, and they will work hard to get you out of debt. If you want to consolidate or refinance your debt, they also have options for you. One of the best things about working with Freedom Debt Relief is the fact that they have an awesome reputation with their clients. There is no shortage of glowing reviews online that outline how impressive Freedom Debt Relief is as a company.

The main downside of Freedom Debt Relief is that they only get an average of 25% of your debt removed in terms of debt settlement – this is slightly below the average. In addition, you need to make sure that debt relief is actually what you’re looking for. If you settle your debt you will find that your credit score will take a huge hit initially – although in the long run it will improve dramatically. Either way, it should be considered a last resort.

If you want some more information on debt settlement and consolidation, their website is a great resource.