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Several reviews over the internet give New Era Debt strong praise for its debt consolidation services. Some of the review sites indicate that New Era offers the lowest fees and for debt settlement and debt consolidation. Other reviews consider the company’s debt counseling services quite strong. The reviews state that New Era hires knowledgeable representatives and provides useful and transparent information on its website.

new-era-debt-solutions-debt-consolidation-reviewAccording to, New Era scores high in its transparency with customers. New Era received a score of 81 percent by based on the review company’s interaction with the New Era’s customer service department. According to, New Era’s rates average 14 to 20 percent for its debt consolidation service. That average is 5 percent lower than other debt services. However, the review site mentions that New Era is not AFCC or USOBA accredited.

According to, New Era has a good BBB rating that stands at an A+. also notes that New Era offers a free consultation and provides Spanish speaking representatives. However, points out that New Era is missing some important accreditations, and the company’s website is missing a dashboard that updates its customers about their progress. Another point to consider is that New Era only deals with unsecured debt and that car loans, student loans and home mortgages do not quality for assistance.

Several past customers of New Era posted reviews on and shared their experiences. One customer raved about New Era’s customer service department and how the representatives answered every question. The customer was also pleased with New Era’s ability to consolidate every debt into one low monthly payment. Another former customer claimed that the staff was icy and it was hard to contact a qualified representative. However, the customer was satisfied with the end result, which was debt consolidation.