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Being in debt can be a very stressful experience. You have bills to pay, and there is not enough money in the bank account. It seems like your entire paycheck is going to pay all your creditors. Therefore, you need to find a way to get some financial relief. One way to achieve this goal is through debt consolidation. With debt consolidation, you can consolidate unsecured debt into one monthly payment. Credit cards, personal unsecured loans, payday loans, and medical bills are a just few of the types of debt that can be consolidated. Consolidating your loans typically requires you to have a decent credit score as you will be re-issued with debt at a lower interest rate. The best ways to consolidate debt depends on the exact types of debt that you have.

But consolidation isn’t your only option, you can also settle your debt with your lender in a process called debt settlement. It is where you come to an agreement with your lender to reduce the overall debt that you owe. It may sound too good to be true but it isn’t – lenders don’t want you to declare bankruptcy so they are typically willing to settle at a lower amount than what you currently owe. Does consolidating debt hurt credit? No, but settlement does.

One company who specializes in debt settlement is Oak View Law Group. This review will take a deeper look at Oak View Law Group to help you decide if there the type of company you want to work with.


Oak View Law Group can help you lower your interest rates, lower your monthly payments, and get late fees cancelled. They will also get penalties and late charges eliminated. This law firm is California based, and since they are a group of lawyers, all laws will be followed. To be eligible for debt settlement, you must have at least $1,000 of unsecured debt. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any debt consolidators.

The average length of your debt settlement is between six months and 48 months. This amount of time varies between customers, so it is based on your specific financial situation. Regardless, the lower end of this timeframe is one of the quickest debt settlement periods on the market. The consultation is free, and then the law firm charges 25% of the amount that is consolidated. You will also be charged $50 each month for a consultation fee. However, overall, you will save money with Oak View Law Group.

If you think debt settlement is right for you, call and talk to a specialist about your financial situation. You will review all your unsecured debt to see if you qualify. If you meet the requirements, the lawyer will go over the program details and the process that you will go through. You will need to give the law firm the names of your creditors, as well as their phone number. It is helpful if you know your account number. The law group will develop the best plan for your needs. Oak View is experienced in negotiating with creditors, so they will act on your best interest.

The law firm will send you paperwork for you to review and sign in order to enroll in the program. Once all your information is complete, you can view your account on their website. You will be given log in information, so you can sign on and see exactly what is going on with your creditors.

Working with a law firm is often a great choice, they provide you with the security of legal experts working on your case. Many debt settlement companies operate in grey areas, so having a law firm that has to abide by specific ethical standards is a really good perk.



If you don’t know what past customers of a business think of their work, you’re leaving yourself open to being ripped off. There are hundreds of debt settlement companies around the United States, and many of them offer false promises in order to get your business. That’s why you should always be aware of what their previous clients have said of their work. We’ve looked at a few of the top review companies to see what past clients have thought of their work.


Top Ten Reviews

The bottom line is that Oak View Law Group is a good option for debt consolidation. According to Top Ten Reviews, Oak View is one of the best debt consolidation companies in the country. Even though it is based out of California, the law firm will handle cases from anywhere in the country. If you think it is possible that your creditors will file a lawsuit against you, Oak View is a group of qualified lawyers, so you are in good hands legally.


Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is one of the nation’s most prominent consumer watchdog groups. They allow for past customers to review a range of different businesses through their online service. In addition, if you feel you have been wronged by a business, the BBB will mediate a settlement for you to help you get compensation for wrongdoing. The Better Business Bureau scores Oak View Law Group with an A-. This is one of the best ratings you can receive from the watchdog group – it’s an indication of ethical standards and practices.



Oak View Law Group is one of the best options available to those who want to work with a company who is legally required to act according to certain legal standards. They also have one of the shortest expected waiting periods available in the settlement industry. In addition, you can work with Oak View Law Group regardless of what state you live in.

The one downside to Oak View Law Group is that they charge a high monthly fee which you may not be able to afford, especially if you’re experiencing financial difficulty. If this is the case, you may want to opt for a business that only charges you after your settlement is reached.

You may be wondering: should I consolidate my debt or should I settle my debt? The answer comes down to whether or not you can afford to consolidate your debt. Consolidating credit card debt should always be the first option.