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Debt has become one of the largest burdens on American families. Ever since the introduction of revolving credit decades ago, the amount of debt in the country has rapidly increased. Many families in the country have tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. If you’re someone who has found you have built up a substantial amount of debt, it’s probably one of the main things that you think about – debt can be an all-consuming issue. But it doesn’t have to be. There are a few options you have if you want to get rid of your debt quickly.

Firstly, you can consolidate and refinance your debt. This will move all your payments into a single payment structure and allow you to start paying back your debt at a much lower interest rate. This is particularly helpful to those who have high amounts of credit card or student debt – the interest rates on these forms of debt are extremely high. The one problem is that you will have to have a decent credit score to be eligible for this form of debt. So, what is the best way to consolidate debt? You should contact a range of debt consolidators and see what they think of your situation.

If you don’t think you will be able to consolidate or refinance your debt, you can try and reach a settlement agreement with your lenders to reduce your overall debt burden. Legally, you can do this by yourself, but using a company that specializes in the area tends to result in much more success. Premier Debt Help is one of these companies – they provide settlement services to people across the country.


Premier Debt Help is a debt settlement agency based in Freehold, New Jersey. The company helps consumers across the country reduce the amount of debt they owe through settled monthly payments. Debt settlement services are rendered for a nominal fee that is paid through the company. They typically take between 24 and 48 months to reach an agreement with your lender – this is a rather typical timeframe for the industry. They also tend to get your debt reduced by about 20% — a large sum of money, but much less than the industry standard. Keep in mind, you will need to have $5,000 in debt to be eligible for their services.

Premier Debt Help is one of many online debt settlement companies. On their website, they list a physical address, an email address and a phone number for clients who need help with their accounts.

For peace of mind, the company also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee for clients who don’t settle their debt through Premier Debt Help, or if they don’t follow through on their promise. On average, clients save at least 50 percent with their debt settlement services, and get rid of their debt within three years.

Premier Debt Help seems to be a trustworthy debt settlement company. They offer a physical address, phone number and reviews on their website, which many other similar organizations do not. The company also states that they can work with collection agencies, a service that is often hard to find.



Checking out the reputation that a company has with its customers is one of the best ways to make sure that you will have a positive experience if you choose to work with them. There is no better source than previous clients of the company. Fortunately, technology has made this relatively easy, you can source reviews directly online from a multitude of different consumer watchdog groups.

Premier Debt Help maintains positive reviews on websites across the Internet. A leading financial review website gives the company a rating of 5 out of 5. The consumer who posted the review stated that Premier Debt Help was able to remove their debt within 30 months, sooner than the expected timeframe of 36 months.

A huge negative for Premier Debt Help is that their representatives do not carry AFCC certification. This type of certification should be essential because it gives consumers peace of mind knowing that the representative they’re dealing with has the proper training to do the job correctly. We typically recommend that you opt for companies that have this certification for all of their staff, it can be dangerous to ignore this. This being said, Premier Debt Help still maintains a decent reputation in the industry despite this shortcoming.

Premier Debt Relief is also not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB is a large organization that acts as one of the most reputable watchdog groups in the nation. They provide a range of services, but are most notable for their online platform which provides reviews and rating for various companies. The BBB’s main initiative is to ensure that consumers understand what type of company they are dealing with. It is unfortunate that Premier Debt Relief is not registered with the organization, but there are plenty of ethical companies that don’t have partnerships with the BBB.



Premier Debt Help has become one of the most well-recognized debt settlement companies in the region. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any services besides settlement, which may be an issue if you are more geared towards getting consolidation for your current debt.

Consolidation is often the best option if you think you will be able to afford paying back your current debt at a much lower interest rate. The problems arise with settlement after you make your settlement. This will stay on your credit score for the foreseeable future and make it harder for you to obtain credit or get affordable lending products. That’s why consolidation should be your first option.

Premier Debt Help is a decent company, but it provides below average results and doesn’t have all the certifications that it should. For this reason, we suggest that you look elsewhere for services unless you find that they have a particular advantage in your situation. We have plenty of other debt settlement agencies reviewed on our site.